Central Imperium series

Jan Kotouč: Frontiers of the Imperium

Frontiers of the Imperium (Central Imperium #1)

Daniel Hankerson was perfectly happy being just a midlevel spy, genetically enhanced low-ranking member of the royal family and an avid poker player.

Then the war started, someone tried to murder him, he met a strange war correspondent with an even stranger secret, and he found himself aboard a prototype warship going to the fringes of the Central Imperium.

Then things got worse.

An ancient enemy is approaching with a large fleet aided by people Daniel thought he could trust. Now Daniel must use his analytical skills to figure out a way to stop them before millions die.

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Jan Kotouč: Emperor in Exile

Emperor in Exile (Central Imperium #2)

Daniel Hankerson never wanted to be the Emperor. He was perfectly happy as a normal intelligence officer, analyst and a poker player. But fate never asks what you want.
Now, after the biggest defeat in the history of the Central Imperium, Daniel is isolated aboard the communications ship, and for months he can only speak to his Imperium and listen to the news of mounting losses.
His enemies continue to chase him and they have their own plans for controlling the Imperium. And for them to do that, Daniel Hankerson must die.

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Jan Kotouč: Defenders of Civilization

Defenders of Civilization (Central Imperium #3)

Civilization must continue.

That’s the motto of the ruling Hankerson family, and Daniel Hankerson has adopted it too. He and his allies have survived betrayal and assassination attempts. On several occasions, he has frustrated the plans of his enemies, the New Protectorate, who believe in absolute order, to which everything else is secondary.

In order to defeat the New Protectorate, they need a large fleet. But most of the Imperial Navy is on the other side of the Imperium, fighting a bloody war against another long-standing enemy, the Ralgars. Daniel’s most difficult task yet lies ahead of him: he must persuade the Ralgars to conclude peace. The peacemakers are in even greater danger than the warriors, but if they are to survive, and restore civilization, they have no choice.

They are the defenders of civilization.

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Jan Kotouč: The Protectors' Legacy

The Protectors’ Legacy (Central Imperium #4)

Emperor Daniel Hankerson and his allies, including his new wife and super commando in one Hila Eban, have successfully ended the war on the other side of the Central Imperium. A huge fleet is now assembling at planet Davenport for the final confrontation with the New Protectorate.

But before the battle can start, Daniel needs to open the FTL gate leading to the heart of the Imperium. The gates are a legacy of an old civilization, the Protectors. However, there is an enemy in Daniel’s own family, much closer and more personal. To deal with these things, the Emperor’s Own Task Force must go to Earth.

Earth is the cradle of civilization. And the motto of House Hankerson is clear: Civilization must continue.

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Sector Hirano series

Jan Kotouč: Too Close an Encounter

Too Close an Encounter (Sector Hirano #0)

A mission of peace gone wrong.

People know only one thing about the alien race known as Huns: they attack everyone and they don’t talk.

Vivian Evans did not let it bother her but now she is a brand new tactical officer aboard a cruiser going to the Hun Space.

Their mission is to try to start a peaceful dialogue with the aggressive aliens or die trying. If they fail, people will keep dying in the war no one understands.

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Short stories

War games (in Dreams from Beyond, ed. Julie Novakova, 2016)
Hippocratic Oath (in From the Ashes: Stories from The Fallen World, Blood Moon Press 2019)